Prof. Tkachev L. și Tkacenko A., JINR, Dubna, Rusia susțin un seminar ISS

Miercuri, 19 iunie 2013, Institutul de Științe Spațiale îi are ca invitați pe Prof. Tkachev L. și Tkacenko A., JINR, Dubna, Rusia. Aceștia vor susține un seminar pe tema “Space detector activity at JINR, Dubna”. Abstractele celor doua prezentări se regăsesc mai jos în limba engleză.

The detector TUS on-board of the Lomonosov satellite 

Abstract: Orbital ultra high energy cosmic ray (UHECR) detector TUS (tracking ultraviolet set-up) is prepared for launching on-board Lomonosov satellite. The TUS space experiment is aimed to study energy spectrum and arrival distribution of UHECR at energy range above at E ~ 10^20 eV. Detector contains a large Fresnel-type mirror-concentrator of total area 2 m^2 and photo receiver placed in its focal plane (matrix of 16×16 PM tubes with a spatial resolution in the atmosphere near 5×5 km^2. In 2012-2013 TUS tests were done in assemble with Lomonosov space platform. Detector TUS preparation status will be presented.

The detector NUCLEON on-board of the RESURS-P No.2 satellite 

Abstract: NUCLEON space experiment is aimed at studying energy spectrum, composition and anisotropy of the Cosmic Ray at knee region E = 10^12-10^15 eV. The NUCLEON detector consists of the silicon pad and microstrip subdetectors, scintillator trigger system and microcalorimeter. It was tested at CERN SPS electron, hadron and heavy ion beams at 100-350 GeV/c. Complex NUCLEON tests are in progress to start data taking from orbit since 2014 during 5 years. Results of NUCLEON beam test will be presented.

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