The future of nuclear emulsions discussed in Predeal during a workshop organized by the Institute of Space Sciences


Between 14 and 18 October 2013, the Institute of Space Science (ISS) hosted the “Detection of nuclear emulsions and their future workshop”. The event, held in Predeal, Romania, was organized in collaboration with the Lebedev Physics Institute (Moscow, Russia), Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia), Institute Dosimetry (Prague, Czech Republic) and Safarik University (Kosice, Slovakia) .

The purpose of the workshop was to bring together researchers from the study of nuclear emulsions field and to give them the opportunity to exchange experiences, ideas and results. ISS wanted as well to facilitate the establishment of an international forum where scientists can discuss the future of this domain.

During the event, the participants attended plenary discussions, speeches and poster presentations. Mrs. Dr. Maria Haiduc, the leader of the ISS group which studies the nuclear emulsions, held a speech. A pioneer in this field, Ms. Haiduc was over time a flagship for the Romanian researchers collaborations with renowned institutes from Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Japan. The Director of the Institute of Space Science, Mr. Sorin Zgura, presented the ISS research and development strategy, and the participants took part later at several presentations of the international guests invited at the event, who facilitated the learning of new methods of research and opened up the possibility for new collaborations. Presentations can be downloaded from the workshops web page.

A detailed description of the workshop conducted by Dr. Maria Haiduc can be found in the new number of  CERN Courier. More details are available also on the event’s web page, while recordings of the workshop can be viewed on the ISS’s YouTube channel.

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