The program of the Institute of Space Science at Researchers’ Night 2015

logo_eveniment-300x254Friday, 25 September 2015 between the hours of 16:00 and 23:30 inside and in the court of AFI Palace Cotroceni, 4 Vasile Milea Boulevard, District 6, Bucharest, researchers of the Institute of Space Science (ISS) await you at the Researchers’ Night 2015 to start together the adventure in the world of science.

From young to old people, children, students and adults of all ages are invited together or even on their own to discover various scientific disciplines, to meet members of the largest organisations and collaborations and space missions at international level (CERN, the JEM-EUSO, Cassini etc.) and not least to take part in activities designed to highlight the attractiveness of research careers and the important societal impact that it may have.

Those who are curious what are the black holes, how many types of galaxies exist and how can we recognize them must not miss the “Galaxies and black holes” presentation, where they will learn more about these topics that have caught people’s attention since ancient times.

The “ExpoSol – virtually touring the Solar System” demonstration will take participants on a virtual journey through the Solar System to the eight planets, to the dwarf planet Pluto and even to the sun, while GalaxyZoo will invite them on a fascinating journey through our galaxy.

The “Nanosatellite” and “Thirteen. To believe in signs or not?” movies will captivate the attention of visitors for a few minutes and astronomical observations will take place in favorable weather conditions. Participants will be able to observe the sky through a telescope and learn about the constellations that are visible in the sky and how can we identify them.

Last but not least, who wants to be “Astronaut for a Day” is invited to pose for a picture in an ISS astronaut suit.

Target audience: children and adults

Researchers’ Night 2015 is also an opportunity to learn more about Starwalker, a Competence Center for Countermeasures Space Technologies, whose team examines the issues of space exploration, and also to learn more backstage information on space activities, including the opportunities that exist in this domain. ISS researchers will answer questions about how to become researchers and astronauts.

The ISS team will be also prepared with a unique and interactive slideshow on neuroscience research, which will address topics such as the mysteries of the mind and physical and mental health education.

Visitors will have the opportunity to take part in a demonstration using the Portable Telemedicine Workstation – PTW and to find out more about this device.

Target audience: students and the general public

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