Seminar about “The High Energy Universe: Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays, Active Galactic Nuclei and Gamma-ray Bursts”

Hercules A (an active galactic nucleus). Visible light image obtained by Hubble Telescope superposed with a radio image taken by the Very Large Array (VLA)

Guest: Dr. Athina Meli, Liège University, Belgium and Athens Institute for Education and Research, Greece

When: 23 May 2018, from 11:00

Where: ISS, Auditorium


The Universe is filled with a rich diversity of high-energy phenomena and highly energetic processes. Great developments in astrophysical observations over the last years, as well as in-tandem simulation studies, opened a wide window into the understanding of the electromagnetic wavebands of astrophysical phenomena, from the radio waves up to the high-energy gamma-rays but also to high energy cosmic-rays, which carry a multitude of information about the most energetic phenomena in Cosmos. Accelerated particles (cosmic-rays) are believed to be created in the cataclysmic ”explosions” of astrophysical sources like Gamma-Ray-Bursts and in the jets of Active Galactic Nuclei. The acceleration of cosmic-rays and the emission of very high energy electromagnetic radiation (i.e., x-rays, gamma-rays) mostly occur in the relativistic superalfvenic cosmic plasmas and jets that act as cosmic accelerators. In this talk I will give an overview of these high-energy accelerators and will discuss the mechanisms responsible to producing very high-energy cosmic rays and radiation.

Contact person: Dr. Ioana Dutan <idutan[at]spacescience[dot]ro>


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