JWST Master Class: a local workshop in ROMANIA

Between 17 and 18 February 2020, within the Institute of Space Sciences (ISS) of Măgurele, the workshop “JWST Master Class – the local version, for Romania” was held. The purpose of the whole event was to familiarize the scientific community with the James Web Space Telescope (JWST), as well as training the interested persons, both theoretically and practically, in the process of applying for observation time.

Because drafting proposals for observation time has a high degree of complexity, involving different software packages (general and dedicated), the workshop focused on presenting these tools, as well as the JWST instruments and observations modes.

The event was organized by Laurențiu Caramete, Bogdan Dumitru and Răzvan Balașov from the ISS and guests from European Space Agency (ESA): Marco Sirianni – Scientific Operations Development Manager ESA JWST, Tim Rawle – NIRSpec Instrument & Calibration Expert JWST, Sandor Kruk – Expert Galactic Training and Evolution ESA, who actively supported the whole event.

The first day included a series of presentations on the current state of the JWST mission, instruments, observation modes and tools. The activity related to the second day was structured on concrete examples of the use of software tools.

The feedback for this event was extremely positive, both from the participants and from the ESA guests.


Photo gallery:

Group photo, JWST Master Class: a local workshop in Romania (Photo: O. Bănaru)





Marco Sirianni (Photo: L. Caramete)      Tim Rawle (Photo: L. Caramete)     Sandor Kruk (Photo: L. Caramete)




Bogdan Dumitru (Photo: L. Caramete)                      Răzvan Balașov (Photo: L. Caramete)














                               Hands on from JWST Master Class: a local workshop in Romania





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