P. G. Isar

Senior Scientist II (on High Energy and Astroparticle Physics) . Europass-CV-ISAR-web

International Collaborations

 KASCADE-Grande, LOPES experiments: Member

  • Since May 1st, 2006, within PhD studies at KIT – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Pierre Auger Observatory : Member – Institution Representative, member in the Collaboration Board (representing ISS, UB and UPB)

Scientific Projects

1. Master Project/ERASMUS fellowship at MPIfR/University of Bonn in co-operation with University of Bucharest, “Radio waves and ionization trails of cosmic ray air showers in the Earth’ atmosphere”, 2004-2005

2. Doctoral Project/DAAD-Helmholtz fellowship at KIT/Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polarization measurements of radio emission of cosmic ray air showers with LOPES“,  2006-2010

3. DAAD RISE Project/research assistantship at KIT Campus North/Institute of Nuclear Physics, “Radio Detection of High Energy Cosmic Rays”LOPES-eventbrowser, 2008

4. Postdoctoral Project/PN-II-RU-PD-2011-3-0062, “Advanced studies of radio signals from ultra high energy cosmic ray induced air showers in the Earth’s atmosphere – ROSAS“,  Project Director, 2011-2013

5. Partner Project/PN-II-PT-PCCA-2011-3.1-1307, “Investigation of the cosmic radiation in the Universe using advanced techniques – CORONA, Project Officer, 2012-2014

6. Partner Project/C2-CDI-STAR-2013-333, “Pilot study of ultra-high energy COsmic rays through their Space-ATmospheric interactions – COSAT“, Project Director, 2013-2015

7. Experimental Demonstrative Project/PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2016-0339, „Innovative Monte Carlo simulations of ultra high energy cosmic rays induced air showers measured at the Pierre Auger Observatory using distributed computing infrastructure – SimDist”, Project Director, 2017-2018

8. Complex Partnership Project/PN-III-P1-1.2-PCCDI-2017-0839, „Development of security applications based on the complex experimental technologies utilized in the study of cosmic radiation – DEXTER„, Project Responsible, 2018-2020

9. H2020, European Researchers Night, HSciRO, Project Responsible, 2018-2019


1. Good communication and project management, 2008 (KIT, Germany)

2. Project management, 2010 (Bucharest, Romania)

3. Intact Media Academy, 2011-2012 (Bucharest, Romania)

4. BBC MasterClass in Public Speaking, 2012 (Bucharest, Romania)

5. ESA ECSS – European Cooperation Space Standardization, 2015 (Bucharest, Romania)

6. TechMentor, Centrul Gifted Education, 2015 (Bucharest, Romania)

7. Mentor, Workshop “Cercetarea pe intelesul altora”, Story telling about I- Public Talks and II – Interview with Journalists, 2018 (ISS-Bucharest, UAIC-Iasi, Romania)

Teaching activities

1. Tutor at KIT Campus South/University of Karlsruhe, Physics Faculty, labs of Optics, Electrodynamics, and Nuclear Physics, 2007-2010

2. Mentor of a DAAD-RISE scholarship at KIT Campus North/ Institute of Nuclear Physics, 2008

3. Mentor for Diploma/Master/PhD Thesis and practical work, since 2012 at the ISS

Scientific communications: …., 3rd HEPS 2010, CNF 2010, World Space Week 2010-2013, FCAL 2011, DFT-IFIN 2011, DPG 2011, FameLab 2012, ARENA 2012, CSSP12, Auger workshops 2013 -, Scoala Altfel 2013 -, ISIP 2014, CSSP14,  BucharestScienceFestival 2014-, ResearchersNight 2014, Romanian Space Week 2014-, TechMentor 2015, etc.

Education-Outreach events

  1. World Space Week – Cu mic cu mare … prin Univers– public event organized every year at the Faculty of Physics/University of Bucharest, (once a year, since 2010 – co-organizer, speaker)
  2. Carpathian Summer School of Physics” – scientific event organized every two years, mainly on the mountainside in Sinaia, (once at two years since 2005, co-organizer and co-editor of conference proceedings in 2012, speaker, moderator)
  3. Researchers night – public event organized every year in Bucharest city, (once a year; co-realizator of a video product in 2012)
  4. Scoala Altfel – Program of the National Ministry of Education “to know more, to be better” – organized every year in Romania, (once a year, co-organizer and speaker by ISS)
  5. FameLab Romania” – talking science show organized by British Council; (once a year, participant in 2012, co-organizer in 2013 with 1st pre-selection in Magurele)
  6. TEDxCERN in Magurele” –  independent organized TED event of communicating Science & Technology, (once a year, co-organizer in 2013)
  7. Researchers Night” – exploring science through fun learning, European project, 27th September 2013, Bucharest (speaker by ISS, multimedia production)
  8. Horizont 2020, Member in the ISS conference organizer team, 4th October 2013, Bucharest, National Library (see streaming)
  9. European Space Expo“, public expo of Space European Programmes, associate partner, in Craiova, Romania, 18-27 April, 2014
  10. International Olympiad on Astronomy & Astrophysics, professor evaluator, Suceava, Romania, 7-10 August, 2014
  11. Bucharest Science Festival, “Spatiul – Ultima frontiera”, 27 Sept. 2014 (speaker by ISS)
  12. Researchers Night, Bucharest, 26 Sept. 2014 (speaker, public lecture)
  13. Science Fair, Pierre Auger Observatory, 13 Nov. 2014, Malargue, Mendoza, Argentina (project evaluator by ISS)
  14. CareerTeam, University Polytechnic Bucharest, March 5th, 2015 (public seminar)
  15. Seminar on Astroparticle Physics at Faculty of Physics/University Bucharest, April 30th, 2015
  16. Stiintescu “mini-science fair”, June 17th, Bucharest Academic House (interactive talk invited for schools by British Council)
  17. Annual Scientific Session at the Faculty of Physics/University Bucharest, June 19th, 2015 (communications at Physics Education Section)
  18. TechMentor Program (Tutor: STEM Dialog with gifted children), by UEFISCDI & Gifted School, November-December 2015, Bucharest
  19. Cafeneaua de Stiinta by Corina Negrea at Humanitas Library, On Air at Radio Romania Cultural, 7th March 2016 (broadcast live)
  20. AstroFest by Science & Technic magazine and Discovery Romania, 16th May 2016 (public talk)
  21. SCI+FI FEST by Science & Technic magazine and Discovery Romania, 30 Sept – 1 Oct, 2016 (public talk) – yearly event
  22. European Space Talks: Odiseea Spatiala in Romania, Carturesti Verona Library , 28 November, 2018  (public talk)


Publications: see NASA ADS, ISI Web of Knowledge INSPIREhep, ResearchGate, Google ScholarPhysicsworld top 10 breakthrough of 2017

Contact: gina.isar@spacescience.ro

News: Follow-up www.spacescience.ro

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