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Director of the Institute of Space Science (ISS) since 2011, Ion Sorin Zgură is a First Tear researcher, with a PhD in Particle Physics, and coordinator of the Distributed Computing for Space-Ground Scientific Research and Applications Group. Born on 10 April 1972 in Cogealac, Constanta, he began his proffesional development at the University of Bucharest, where he graduated the Physics Faculty in 1996, he obtained a Master Degree in Particle Physics (1996-1997) and a PhD Degree in 2006.

As Director of the Institute of Space Science, Ion Sorin Zgură aimed to transform the institution into a major center for research and development in science and space technology, to continuously develop the human resources and to increase the national and international scientific reputation of the institute. To achieve these objectives, the ISS direction focused on the implementation of an efficient management system, on the development of the technological level of the institute in the field of space science and on responding to the scientific and technological strict criteria of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Under his leadership, the institute’s groups worked towards expanding their participation in national and international space exploration efforts by joining ESA and NASA missions such as PLANCK, CLUSTER, SWARM, and also by designing and implementing new original nanosatellite missions. Having the support of the researchers who developed Goliat, the first Romanian nanosatellite, with scientific guidance, ISS is now involved in the QB50 international mission, which aims to send a constellation of 50 nanosatellite into orbit. Two of them will be developed at ISS by the same core team that gained experience from the Goliat project, now extended with other young researchers. Another significant milestone in strengthening ISS’s involvement in ESA’s space missions was the signing of the ESA Multilateral Agreement for the EUCLID mission, an important achievement to which the Institute also added the continuation of the collaboration with major global infrastructures CERN-Geneva, GSI-Darmstadt, IUCN-Dubna, the Mediterranean Sea neutrino telescope, ANTARES, or the initiation of new collaborations such as the Pierre Auger Observatory-Argentina, and preparing for the Km3NET European experiment.

Through dedication, professional excellence and, at the same time, his experience and efficiency in the management and allocation of financial, material and human resources, Ion Sorin Zgură initiated the construction of a Space Science and Technology Center. The new Headquarters of the Institute of Space Science will provide the necessary conditions for technological development and furthermore for achieving the objectives of the institute.

In addition to his managing role at the Institute of Space Science, Ion Sorin Zgură is a member of the ALICE-CERN and BRAHMS (BNL, USA) international cooperations since 1999. Throughout his career he has always encouraged the collaboration with academia both in Bucharest and other cities in Romania, as well as with research institutes, the Romanian Space Agency and major IT companies within the CEREX, CEEX, SECURITY, AEROSPACE, PN2 / P4 and CORINT programs.

During 2003-2011, Ion Sorin Zgură coordinated several scientific and technological projects, overall being involved in over 30 projects. The results of his research have been published in more than 120 articles in international journals. He made himself noteworthy in the position of Advisor to the Ministry of Education and Research, the National Authority for Scientific Research, where in 2005 he founded and led the working group for drafting the GRID national strategy. His efforts contributed to the development of an innovative technology that allowed parallel intensive processing for data analysis in High Energy Physics, for the first time in Romania.

During 2009-2010, Ion Sorin Zgură was an expert in infrastructure at the National Authority for Scientific Research, and since 2007 he is a ​​member of the Advisory Council for Research-Development and Innovation. Since 2010, Ion Sorin Zgură is an Authorised Project Manager by the Ministry of Education and member of the local organising committee for the workshops of the FCAL international collaboration.

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