R&D areas

The main Research & Development areas are:

  1. Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics
  2. High Energy Physics and Astrophysics
  3. Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology
  4. Microgravity, Space Dynamics and Nanosatellits
  5. Solar-terrestrial interactions, magnetosphere physics and magnetosphere, solar wind and ionosphere-thermosphere coupling.
  6. Fundamental dynamic processes in collisionless plasmas; relationship to astrophysical and laboratory plasmas.
  7. Planetary and interplanetary disturbances and hazard in connection with space weather and electromagnetic phenomena associated with terrestrial tectonics.
  8. Development of experiments and equipments embarked on cosmic vehicles, in-flight calibration and associated software tools development.
  9. Advanced analysis and numerical simulation techniques with application to satellite data and images treatment; advanced methods for time series analysis.
  10. Distributed and Parallel Computing for Space and Ground-based Research and Applications
  11. Human Performance and Space Biophysics, Biology and Medicine studies and experiments in benefit of Human Spaceflight and for societal terrestrial spin-off.
  12. Space Technologies Applications for Humans and Communitarian Health and Safety in critical situations on Earth.
  13. Systems Engineering and Knowledge Management applied to space-related activities.

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