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R3B Collaboration - Presentation

   The aim of the R3B international collaboration is to develop and construct a versatile reaction setup with high efficiency, acceptance, and resolution for kinematically complete measurements of reactions with high-energy radioactive beams. The setup will be located at the focal plane of the high-energy branch of the Super-FRS.

   The R3B international collaboration includes 52 different institutes from all over the world. It takes part to European projects. It has a decentralised organisation.
   The R3B collaboration has a Spokesperson, a Co-Spokesperson, a Project Manager, a Technical Director (Chair of the Technical Board), a Deputy Technical Director, a Collaboration Board, a Management Board, and a Technical Board.
   The Collaboration Board (steering committee) consists of the representatives of those institutions in the R3B collaboration, or the associated funding agencies, which have signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The R3B collaboration Board elects the spokesperson and the deputy spokesperson for a period of three years. Re-election for one further period of office is possible.    The spokesperson chairs the Collaboration Board and represents the collaboration in scientific and political matters. The spokesperson represents the R3B collaboration in the NuSTAR Collaboration Committee. A minimum cash contribution of 50 k€ towards the Common Projects is required per Institute with voting rights in the Collaboration Board.

Scientific: Dr. Thomas Aumann

Address: Kernreaktionen und Astrophysik, GSI, Planckstrasse 1, D-64291 Darmstadt, Germany

Phone: +49-6159-71-2412 (Secr.)
Fax: +49-6159-71-2809
    The R3B Collaboration Board appoints a Project Manager, who reports to the Collaboration Board. The Project Manager is responsible for the coordination of the project including financial and technical issues.
    The Project Manager chairs the Management Board consisting of the Project Manager, the spokesperson, the deputy spokesperson, the Technical Director, and the Deputy Technical Director. The Management Board may be supplemented by a GSI contact person.
    The Technical Board consists of the coordinators of the working groups responsible for the sub-systems of the R3B setup as detailed in the Technical Proposal. It is chaired by the Technical Director, who is appointed by the Management Board. The Technical Director oversees all sub-projects, there technical and organizational aspects, and ensures coherence among the projects.

    The relationship between R3B and the NuSTAR structure is spelled out in the NuSTAR IMoU. The R3B Spokesperson is a member of the NuSTAR Collaboration Committee. The R3B Technical Director is a member of the NuSTAR Technical Coordination Board. Some of the R3B working groups are part of common NuSTAR project groups. The technical developments spanning different collaboration within NuSTAR are coordinated by the NuSTAR Project Manager.

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