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Completed projects

    Laboratory of High Energy Physics, Astrophysics and Advanced Technologies was and continues to be involved in many national projects, starting with projects from CERES and Aerospatial Programmes and continuing with the projects from CEEX or PNCDI II Programmes.
    Projects COORDINATED by ISS - HEAT
Serand Project Proceex Project
Serand Project Cora Project
Gridcert Project Nufar Project
Farra Project Gridsec Project
Sisatja Project Visa Project
Asci Project Sideralis Project
Hubble Project Mostc Project
Saigon Project InGRID Project
Ipan Project Stup Project
Sociro Project Imen Project
    Projects where we were PARTNERS
Reehuc Project QGPBB Project
Comcip Project FQC Project
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