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National projects

    Laboratory of High Energy Physics, Astrophysics and Advanced Technologies was and continues to be involved in many national projects, starting with projects from CERES and Aerospatial Programmes and continuing with the projects from CEEX or PNCDI II Programmes.
1. National Contribution at the GRID Development LCG Computing for Elementary Physics Particles
Project Responsible: Ion Sorin ZGURA
Call name/Contracting authority: IFA-CERN/IFA

2. Preparing Simulation and Preliminary Analysis of Data from the ALICE Experiment
Project Leader: Dumitru HASEGAN
Call name/Contracting authority: IFA-CERN/IFA

3. Study of Anisotropic Flows in Relativistic Nuclear Physics
Project Leader: Ion Sorin ZGURA
Call name/Contracting authority: Human Resources/UEFISCDI

4. Study of Diffractive Processes in Interactions of 1-4 GeV ions with Nuclear Emulsions and applications to Astrophysics
Project Leader: Maria HAIDUC
Call name/Contracting authority: Ideas/UEFISCDI

5. Advanced Studies of Radio Signals from Atmospheric Showers Induced by UHE Cosmic Rays
Project Leader: Gina ISAR
Call name/Contracting authority: Human Resources/UEFISCDI

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