GPU in GRID for space science and technology

In this project, “GPU in GRID for space science and technology”, acronym GUIDE, we aim to create a library collections of methods, algorithms for specific applications with the help of new tools developed using GPU programming languages connected with GRID infrastructure through PKI certificate. GUIDE will involve and address specific needs of a number of new multidisciplinary scientific communities (space science, high energy physics, computational chemistry, IT security, etc.) and thus stimulate the use and expansion of the emerging new national HPC infrastructure and its services. GUIDE will capitalize on the existing human network and underlying research infrastructure to further strengthen scientific collaboration and boost more effective high-quality research and cooperation among participating research community and SMEs communities. The inclusion of the new Virtual Science Communities and the setting up of the infrastructure, together with a set of coordinated actions aimed at setting up HPC in Romania.

The project work packages conform with the objectives of the STAR Program and with the ESA Euclid mission and with the Space Situational Awareness (SSA ) Preparatory Programme. The GUIDE project will implement the relatively new GPU technology in GRID computing for developing new data center for the Space Imagery and parallel computing. The implementation will use the GPU potential to execute jobs in parallel and the GRID potential to execute many distributed jobs with large storage area.