The progress of the project, according to the work plan, will be monitored by a coordinating team, composed of the project director and the project coordinators of both partners. The coordinating team will also evaluate the efficiency of  allocation and use of human and financial resources. A management based on objectives will be implemented, with a systematic control of their accomplishment. This team will assemble at the beginning of the project and at the end of each stage.
The project director has both scientific and administrative responsibilities; he will be in charge of:

  •   the communication with the Contracting Authority;
  • checking of the results quality and compliance with planned activities and costs;
  •   establishing a good communication between working teams; the website of the project will contain a secured section, allowing the access of the scientific committee members.

A scientific committee including 1-2 representatives of each of the partners will analyze the results obtained each month and at each important stage of the project, will verify the accomplishment of the proposed objectives and will decide the strategy to follow in the next stages.