FCAL Collaboration

FCAL is a worldwide detector R&D collaboration. Scientist researchers from different country join their efforts to develop the technologies of special calorimeters in the very forward region of the future International Linear Collider detectors. Luminosity Calorimeter (LumiCal) and Beam Calorimeter (BeamCal) must be compact, precisely positioned and readout very fast. LumiCal will be measure the luminosity with a precision of better than 10-3 at 500 GeV centre-of-mass energy. The BeamCal will perform a bunch-by-bunch estimate of the luminosity and assist beam diagnostics.
The Institute of Space Science (ISS) applied for FCAL Collaboration  membership in May 2011 and it was accepted in September 2011. The ISS main tasks are: study of the GaAs sensors and the BeamCal Calorimeter; data analysis for different Test Beam camping (2011, 2014) and Monte Carlo simulations.The FCAL@ISS team members develop an Electronics Research Laboratory, the main area being the electrical measurements of the sensors based on semiconducting materials. The main emphasis is to develop computerized measurement methods  suitable for the needs of the FCAL Collaboration and for small sensors used in space applications.